I have never realized how difficult the organisation may be when you happen to stand on the second side. On the side of a parent. It was a big suprise for me.

Birthday celebration is a special moment not only for the celebrating person but for the whole family as well. I had not understood the emotion my mum felt on my birthdays untill I became a mum. Now I remember her words and hear myself saying the same, though a bit modified. It starts like this:

„This time four years ago I did not know you are going to be born the next day. I just visited a doctor and he told me you might be born within a few hours, or anytime later.“

„And what did you do?“ Asks my son in amusement.

„I went back home. Daddy was painting the room for you and I wanted to sew some bedsheets for you. Can you see them on your brother´s bed now?“ I hug my son in rising emotions. All the memories are so vivid and detailed, the love I felt four years ago, all the expectations, the hopes, the idealistic visions are back again.

My son looked at his brother´s bed then saw him approaching. „And these pyjamas, mum, I wore these pyjamas when I was smaller, didn´t I?“ And later on when he watched a programme about cooking he told me: „I like this man. I want him to be a daddy from your belly.“ Well, he is just four.

The most difficult thing is timing. You start some celebration, then you must offer drinks, some child wants to pee, some spills drink all over and some guests want you to fetch a cake right at that very moment. The candles usually don´t want to be lighted and when they finally are they put out just before you get to the birthday child. How did my mother manage?

Forget about your entertainment, you are here to distract the kids. Learning this truth took me the longest. I had always wanted to talk to invited guests – family and friends but last year I finally got absorbed into the children ´s world. Children love competitions so I offered them organized entertainment and they were suprisingly happy.

This year I am going to do the same. The tasks of this year´s mission must be thought-out beforehand. A day before the party I am going to prepare a cake and some meat pieces in spiced dough. And to fill the pirates´ treasure trove with sweets. In the morning I want to make some fruit, vegetable and cheese platters, mark the secret route to the treasure and hide it there. The most important thing is to make most of the party for the children. Spend the time with them if they need and want it and draw back if they don´t.

At night when you have finished all the cleaning and washing-up after the party you fall asleep absolutely exhausted but unbelievably satisfied. You have made your children happy.